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The APW 4th grade teacher professional development workshop is required for all participating teachers and helps teachers incorporate the AWF curriculum unit using Arizona Science Standards and 3-dimensional learning. The Water Festival unit puts students at the center of their own water cycle observing the phenomena that relates to the environment in which they live. The workshop is held in three 1.5-hour online sessions using Zoom and gives teachers access to the Canvas classroom learning management system. New teachers to the program are required to take the workshop. Past participants are welcome, but not required, to re-take workshop.


This program is available in-person this summer for TUSD teachers on June 8-9 and June 21-22. If you would like an in-person PD opportunity for this workshop, please contact AWF Program Coordinator Kirstyn Kay at kkay@arizona.edu.


  • Students get to participate in a live water festival event!
  • 7 hours of professional development
  • Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0
  • AWF Curriculum Guide with 10 lesson plans
  • Access to online resources and tools
  • Continuous support from AWF
  • Stipend (depending on region)


  • 4.E1U1.6 Plan and carry out an investigation to explore and explain the interactions between Earth’s major systems and the impact on Earth's surface materials and processes.
  • 4.E1U3.9 Construct and support an evidence-based argument about the availability of water and its impact on life.

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