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APW Workshops and Academies provide the support that teachers need to adopt instructional practices that encourage students to apply their learning in developing ideas, designing solutions, and delivering positive change. We partner with school districts to plan and deliver targeted professional development and insitute support that is needed.


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Colorado River Watershed

This academy applies science and engineering practices, and cross-cutting concepts to explore the systems of the Colorado River Watershed and bring real-world relevancy to your curriculum! We will engage in argument from evidence about past, present, & future management of the Colorado River.                                                           


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Salt River Project STEM

This academy will delve in the Salt River Project system; past, present and future to discover and develop water solutions. We will help you to bring real-world relevancy into standards-based instruction.  From water availability and its impact on our lives to forces and motion, this professional development will help you activate your instruction! 


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This academy combines a framework for building thinking skills with project-based learning about Arizona's water resources. Authentic and meaningful science and engineering units are driven by phenomena and three-dimensional instruction. All units are designed to accommodate students in 6th-12th grade levels, and to fully or partially meet Arizona Science Standards.


Aqua STEM Website

Arizona Water Festival

The 4th grade Arizona Water Festival (AWF) Workshop covers the 10-lesson curriculum unit that meets 2 of the 11 science standards at 4th grade. In this unit, students explore their local water cycle and connect local water availability to their lives. The instructional unit includes a festival or online modules on the groundwater system, watersheds, the water cycle, and water conservation technology.


AWF Website

SW-IFL Teacher Workshop

This brand new workshop brings together K-12 teachers and climate researchers so that we can better bridge the gap between the experts and students, and to develop curriculum that gets students to participate in real-world climate science and data collection/analysis. This effort is a part of the Southwest Urban Corridor Integrated Field Laboratory (SW-IFL) partnership and covers a wide range of topics.


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