Explore the Colorado River Watershed STEM Academy

Access to Colorado River water from the Central Arizona Project aqueduct is essential to the environmental and socioeconomic well-being of all Arizonans. 

Join us for this 2-day academy in which we will apply the science and engineering practices and cross cutting concepts to explore the Colorado River Watershed. We will engage in argument from evidence about past, present, & future management of the Colorado River. 


  • 13 hours of professional development
  • $150 stipend upon completion
  • Discover a Watershed: The Colorado Educators Guide
  • Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0
  • Continuous support from APW coordinators
  • Lunch both days


  • 5.L4U3.11 - Obtain, evaluate, and communicate evidence about how natural and human-caused changes to habitats or climate can impact populations.

  • 6.L2U3.11 - Use evidence to construct an argument regarding the impact of human activities on the environment and how they positively and negatively affect the competition for energy and resources in ecosystems.

  • 6.L2U1.13 - Develop and use models to demonstrate the interdependence of organisms and their environment including biotic and abiotic factors.

  • 7.E1U1.5 - Construct a model that shows the cycling of matter and flow of energy in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere.

  • 8.E1U3.8 - Construct and support an argument about how human consumption of limited resources impacts the biosphere.

  • HS.E1U1.12 - Develop and use models of the Earth that explains the role of energy and matter in Earth’s constantly changing internal and external systems (geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere).

  • HS.E1U3.14Engage in argument from evidence about the availability of natural resources, occurrence of natural hazards, changes in climate, and human activity and how they influence each other.

  • HS.L2U3.18Obtain, evaluate, and communicate about positive and negative ethical, social, economic, and political implications of human activity on the biodiversity of an ecosystem.

2022 Teacher Academy Details

DATE: June 5 & 6, 2023

TIME: 9:00 AM -3:30 PM both days

LOCATION: CAP Headquarters - 23636 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85024

OPEN TO: 5th-12th grade teachers in Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima Counties.


Have a question? Contact Pam Justice at (602) 418-0471 or pjustice@arizona.edu

Thanks to our sponsors ADWR and CAP, we are able to bring this 2-day academy to you!


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